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As re-enactors, history is very important to us. The Three Shires Medieval Society therefore strives to represent as much historical fact as possible. To help you understand the period that we cover, we have provided a brief overview of Henry the 4'ths life ; as well as an abridged history of our group.

Henry the 4th
Born in Boligbroke castle in Lincolnshire on April the 3rd 1367, Henry was the son of John of Gaunt - third surviving son of King Edward the 3rd of England. Henry supported his cousin, King Richard the 2nd through their early lives together and supported him through early difficulties such as the Peasants Revolt in 1381. He married Mary de Bohun in 1380 and had two daughters and four sons, one of which was the future King Henry the 5th who's military ability helped him quash severe rebellion in 1403. Mary died in 1394 and Henry married Joanna of Navarre.
Henry was exiled for ten years by King Richard in 1397 after the 'Merciless Parliament' in which Henry had joined with a group of lords to banish the vast majority of Richard's favorites. However, after the death of John of Gaunt, King Richard seized all of Gaunts' lands as his own and began to divide them amongst his supporters, banishing Henry for life.



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