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We use all sorts of weapons and armour from the Middle Ages, from pole arms to broad swords, great helms to sallets - you will see a wide variety of authentic pieces within our society. There are a selection of photographs of our best knights from various combat sessions at shows as well as some of the equipment that we use, available in our online gallery.

All of our combat is REAL, and we promise to put on a good show (weather permitting, of course). All of our Armour is made for re-enactment use, which means it can withstand full blows in combat, from our many highly trained knights and ladies.

We have always believed in the entertainment factor of what we do, whilst being aware of the safety precautions that are required for such a show. As a result we can erect a combat arena, with a double wall to help protect members of the public, keeping both our combatants and your visitors both happy and safe.


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